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How to invest in Share market? A Beginner's Guide

How to select a stock to invest for consistent returns?

10 Must Read Books for Stock Market Investors

Introduction to investing

7 Most common stock investing 'Myths'

Do's and Don'ts of Stock Market Investing

Why you should start investing today?

Does investing takes too long to build wealth?

What is the minimum money required to start investing?

9 Simple Yet Powerful Rules of Successful Investing

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Stock Market Basics

What is a Share Market?

What are shares and a share market? And why does it exist?

Frequently Used Terms

Here are 27 key terms in the share market that every investor should know

How to follow stock market?

How to keep updated with the latest market prices, news, updates and more?

Sensex And Nifty

What are Sensex and Nifty? And what is the importance of indexes in Share Market?

Market Capitalization

What is the market cap? And how large, mid and small caps are categorized?

Stock Portfolio

How to build a winning ‘well-diversified’ stock portfolio?

Bull and Bear Market

What are bulls and bears? And what do these animals have to do with the market?

Why share price fluctuates?

Who do share prices go up and down every day?

Blue-Chip Stocks

What are blue-chip stocks? And why are they so popular?

Investing Strategies

Value Investing

Growth vs Value Investing

Dividend Investing

Fundamental Analysis

Financial Statements

How to read the balance sheet, income statement and cash-flow statement of a company?

Economic Moat

What is an economic moat or sustainable competitive advantage of a company?

Stock Investing Checklist

10 Questions to Ask Before Investing in any stock

Financial Ratios

19 Most important financial ratios that every investor should know

SWOT Analysis

How to perform Strength, Weakness, Opportunity & Threat (SWOT) analysis of a company?

Moat Analysis Framework

How to check if a moat exist for a company?

Fundamental Analysis

How to perform a fundamental analysis of a stock?

Right Time to Exit

What is the Right Time to Exit a Stock?

Relative Valuation

How to perform the relative valuation of stocks to find undervalued companies?

Advanced Stock Market Articles

What is Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)?

What are robo-advisors? And how do they work?

Thematic Investments: Why you should try it?

NISM Certification – A Complete Beginner’s Guide

What are the different career options in Indian Share Market?

3 Insanely Successful Indian Stock Investors

Stock Investing Resources

Best Stock Market 'Apps'

Best Virtual Trading Platforms

Best Youtube Channels to learn Investing

Best Stock Market Blogs

Must know 'Websites'

Best Stock Screeners

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All Stock Market Articles

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Hello readers! Today we are back with another intriguing topic from the core world of finance – Corporate Governance! Put your reading glasses

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One of the easiest ways to learn anything new is by participating in the discussions. And the same rule applies when you are

Catching a falling knife stock - Is it worth it?

The stock market is filled with all kind of people. Some prefer investing in fast-growing companies while there are others who prefer investing

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Hey fellow readers! Today’s topic of concentration is how do analysts perform the Boston Consulting Group – BCG Matrix Analysis on companies! Initially

What is the Difference between BSE and NSE?

In this article, we are going to discuss the difference between BSE and NSE, the two biggest stock exchanges in India. However, in

What are the Different Career Options in Indian Stock Market?

The equity market has opened a lot of career opportunities in recent years. This market is getting bigger day by day and the opportunities

What is Derivative Trading? Futures & Options Explained

Hello readers. One of the most frequently asked questions by Trade Brains’ readers is what is futures and options trading. In this article

Primary Market and Secondary Market – How do they work?

Stock markets are an important component of the financial system. It is a powerful tool that works like an auction for the exchange

Excusing ‘No time to invest’ has become a National Problem!

It’s a known fact that the majority of the Indian population do not invest their money. Apart from little allocation in a few

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