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11 Passive Ways to Make Money

Budgeting 101 - 50/20/30 Rule

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5 Best UPI Apps in India in 2019 (For Android Users)

With the return of PM Modi 2.0, digital India has continued to make new progress. And UPI payments have played a big role

Bunty and Babli: A financial story of how Bunty lost Rs 1,29,94,044!

Once upon a time, there lived two best friends- Bunty and Babli. Both were born in the same year, the same city, attended

7 Incredible Side Hustle Ideas to Make an Extra Income

Thanks to the world wide web, earning a few extra bucks with a side-hustle is now easier than ever. But although there many

3 Simple Habits To Overcome Poverty and Become Rich.

“You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you

Everything You Need to Know About Your Credit Score.

Hello readers. Many a time, you might have heard that you should keep a high credit score. You should not default that EMI or

11 Best Passive Ways to Make Money While You Sleep.

PASSIVE WAYS TO MAKE MONEY IN INDIA: “Passive income” certainly sounds like an interesting and appealing idea, but making money while you sleep

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15 Must Know Tax Saving Tips in India

If you are an Indian resident, you are required to pay tax on your income (if it crosses the minimum taxable limit) to

7 Fun And Easy Tips to Save More Money

We all want to save money and build a comfortable financial cushion to plan for our future. Many of us have milestones we

Savings Account vs Current Account- What’s the Difference & Benefits?

When I was a child, I used to save my pocket money in a piggy bank. Whenever I needed some money I used

Emergency fund: Why and How to build one?

Growing up, we’re often told to save for a rainy day. As kids, many of us didn’t heed this advice, choosing instead, to

Minimalist lifestyle: Is it worth being a minimalist?

Being a minimalist is all about living with less and in recent years it’s become somewhat of a trend with shows such as

How Much Should You Save  - 50/20/30 Rule!

How much should you save — This is one of the biggest questions that comes to everyone’s mind when we talk about budgeting.

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3 Uncommon Alternative Investment Options in 2019

It is no secret that diversifying is the key to success for investing and as humans we love our options! Many investors assume

10 Common Mistakes While Investing in Mutual Funds

Mutual Fund investment is the talk of the town. These days, many people who earlier used to invest in the traditional saving schemes

Renting vs buying a home- Which one is better?

Renting vs buying a home has always been a big topic of discussion. Whenever we look for any long-term accommodation, we analyze deeply whether

Is Investing in Gold a good idea in India?

A large proportion of the Indian population considers Gold as one of the best options to invest in India. Here, gold is not

21 Do’s and Don’ts of Stock Market Investing for Beginners

Making money from stocks is simple if you strictly follow the do’s and don’ts of stock market investing. However, because of the lack

6 Best Investment Options for NRIs in India

Since last two decades, India has been rapidly developing as an industrial hub. Day after day, our country is attracting more and more

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What is Complexity bias? And how can you deal with it?

Complexity bias means that the complex concepts in our lives are better than the ones which are more straightforward. It is a way

How to Plan Your Passive Income The Right Way?

How to Plan Your Passive Income The Right Way? Hello readers! Today, we at TradeBrains, are covering a topic that might stir up

5 Best UPI Apps in India in 2019 (For Android Users)

With the return of PM Modi 2.0, digital India has continued to make new progress. And UPI payments have played a big role

37 All-time Best Quotes on Money!

37 All-time Best Quotes on Money: Everyone wants money. No matter what the critics may say, money is the means to buy comforts

Socially Responsible Investing: Why it matters?

Deciding how you want to invest your money is often hard. You need to take many factors into consideration such as risk, returns,

How much does a Wedding cost in India? (For Average Indians)

Weddings are a dream come true event for most couples. It is the single most awaited occurrence in your life. You want it

Good Debt vs Bad Debt: What You Need to Know?

Good Debt vs Bad Debt: What You Need to Know? A common misconception among most of the working population is that all debts

Buying a car vs Ola or Uber ride – Which is cheaper?

When you ask anyone – ‘Which is cheaper? Buying a car vs Ola or Uber ride?’, most of the people will have a

7 Things to do Before You Start Investing

So, you’re thinking to start investing. But before you enter, are you prepared? Do you actually meet all the requirements that will make

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